HDPS International

  • A Break for Ice Cream by Derek Collis

  • A Quiet Moment by Iain Blake

  • Babican support by Roger Cuthbert

  • Chef by David Weller

  • Dancing on the South Bank by Christine Collis

  • Debenhams has landed in Bury by Bill Hiskett

  • Elizabeth by Derek Collis

  • Hover Fly (Syrphidae) feeding by Phil Wiseman

  • Jacoby by Derek Collis

  • Just Brooke by Iain Blake

  • Langur Monkey in Ranthambore National Park by Mary Brace

  • Looking Up by Christine Collis

  • Lunchtime by David Weller

  • Madonna dancing on the Quay by Derek Collis

  • Remembering the fallen - National Memorial Arboretum by Brian Fleming

  • Spectacled owl (pulsatrix perspicillata) by Christine Collis

  • Swan Lake by Brian Fleming

  • Sylvette by Derek Collis

  • Tea at the Tate by Steve Thomson

  • The Baked Potato Man by Jacqueline Wisby_36

  • The Ghosts of Commercial Street by Gill Beckett

  • The girl on the balcony by Keith Rose

  • The railway sleeper by Ken Stanhope

  • The Swimmer by Ross Alexander

  • Tollesbury Wreck by Gill Beckett

  • With a little help from my friends by Keith Rose

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